AVIONIX presents tdm_swim at SWIM Master Class

AVIONIX successfully presents a SWIM-enabled version of tdm at the SWIM Master Class organized by EUROCONTROL

Brussels, 16 Oct 2012 – From June to October 2012 a SWIM Master Class was organized by EUROCONTROL with the objective of developing and demonstrating the added value of state-of-the-art information technology for air traffic management.

Over the summer, all participating teams developed their applications by making use of the European Network Management NOP B2B Web Services infrastructure. tdm_swim from AVIONIX was one of the 19 submitted prototypes and a demonstration took place at the SWIM Best-in-Class Ceremony on 16 October 2012 in EUROCONTROL HQ (Brussels).

We are proud to announce that, as outcome of the SWIM Master Class 2012, tdm now supports the inclusion of SWIM data. tdm in its new version tdm_swim retrieves all available flight identification and process data via the NOP B2B interface and thus became even more portable and independent of airport-specific systems to offer a complete and consistent view of all existing data.

The included 3D map enables monitoring of the airspace around the airport. Flights in departure or approach can be monitored. As a new feature for this Master Class prototype, the 3D visualisation of the planned route was implemented. For a selected flight, the flight object is requested from SWIM and the contained point profile is converted into a 3D polygon. Information contained in the point profile like waypoint names, flight level, time over information, departure and approach procedures are attached as labels to the graphical representation. The current track and position as received from ADS-B is shown in parallel to the planned route, so a direct comparison is possible.