tda (Traffic Data Analyzer)

tda (Traffic Data Analyzer) provides an analysis tool to calculate a variety of airport performance parameters from tracking data. These include but are not limited to runway occupancy times, taxi times, throughput, holding/queuing times etc.

Additionally, the utilization of airport resources like number of movements on runways, taxiways, intersections, de-icing pads is determined as well as operational traffic parameters like speed profiles, pushback/start-up times, and take-off/ landing separation. Arrival and departure patterns can be displayed, noise problems can be analyzed.

Single track points are filtered to obtain smooth tracks and reduce data load. Results of the analysis can be presented in tables and charts and can also be graphically embedded into an Airport Map. The interface of the analyzer is available for a series of open data formats (e.g. ASTERIX from A-SMGCS, ADS-B).


If your airport has not yet implemented a track data recording functionality, tss (Traffic Surveillance System) might be a perfect fit.