SSR Frequency Monitoring

AVIONIX developed a solution for SSR frequency monitoring on 1030 and 1090 MHz. Two high performance SDR receiver channels in combination with a special 1030/1090 MHz cavity filter and high processing power permanently scan the two frequencies. The raw RF data is recorded in a compressed form on the embedded HDD storage disk together with the decoded data and statistical records. Next to the very high sensitivity the receiver stations feature best in class degarbeling abilities and advanced decoding features. The stations decode Mode 1/2/3AC/S interrogations and replies on the 1030 and 1090 MHz frequencies. The presence of Mode 4 and 5 messages are detected. Each detected message is attributed with a highly precise timestamp, signal strength, SNR, frequency shift, strength of side lobe suppression pulse and other specific meta information.

Interferences to the frequencies are detected and marked in the output data. The specially designed 1030/1090MHz antenna and the diplexer allow operation from a single RF antenna, which simplifies the installation.