tss (Traffic Surveillance System)

Outdoor Receiver

AVIONIX offers next-generation, cost-effective airspace and airport surveillance solutions. The system is scalable from a single receiver to a full multilateration system to enable monitoring of non-ADS-B equipped traffic. The solutions offer excellent surveillance accuracy, update rate and identification information at small cost. tss is based on an adjustable modular structure and designed to ensure flexibility and extensibility. Open interfaces and standard compliance allow future-proof integration into existing environments.

  • Provides surveillance coverage in non-radar airspace
  • Scalable from a single sensor system to a multi sensor distributed MLAT system
  • Advanced FPGA decoding techniques, high-precision timestamping
  • AVIONIX receivers are proven to outperform other solutions in receiption performance and timestamping precision
  • High dynamic receiver allows monitoring of en-route, terminal area and surface movement at the same time
  • Integrated LTE modem for data distribution
  • Compact and high reliability, no moving parts
  • Various data output formats (ASTERIX, HTTP, JSON, XML, RAW)
  • ASTERIX CAT021, v0.23, 0.26, 1.2, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4
  • Additionally CAT023, CAT025, CAT034, CAT048, CAT062
  • ED-129B compliant data processing, full automated test suite and message generator available
  • Seamless integration with display and traffic analysis functions (billing)
  • Integrated vehicle and asset tracking function(FollowMe® (Vehicle Tracker))
  • Advanced functions like antenna diversity, directional validation, video-out, immunity against interference
  • Dowload datasheet

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