tsd (Traffic Situation Display)

The AVIONIX tsd (Traffic Situation Display) allows air traffic controllers to monitor the current traffic situation in the terminal area (TMA).


tsd provides a map background of the TMA including all necessary information. In an additional background layer a geographical or satellite map of the area can be placed and its visibility can be seamlessly controlled by a brightness value. Targets are displayed with symbols indicating the type of target (Mode-A/C only, Mode-S, ADS-B) together with information about the target in configurable text form.

In addition to the 2D display, a 3D view is featured to show the current traffic situation without any degradation in function or performance. Up to 600 moving targets with an update rate of 1 movement/second/track are supported with current standard PC hardware running a Windows or Linux operating system.


AVIONIX tsd is highly configurable and expandable and allows the integration of additional static and dynamic data arranged in layers. Examples are weather information, NAVAIDS status or airfield lighting information. tsd can be run as independent application or integrated into and accessed from tdm.