ADS-B/FLARM Outdoor Receiver Station

AVIONIX provides a versatile and reliable ADS-B/FLARM outdoor receiver station. It embeds the dual channel SDR receiver board which was adapted to hold UMTS/LTE module for wireless data transmission and a time & frequency reference GNSS module. The station consumes less than 8W in total which allows it to be powered by a solar power or other renewable energy source. The receiver is either supplied with two single frequency cavity bandpass filters or a dual frequency cavity diplexer. The cavity filters provide protection against strong out-of-band signals and contribute to the best-in-class reception quality. The diplexer allows reception and processing on 868/1090 or 1030/1090 MHz using a single antenna without the 3dB loss usually caused by an RF splitter. The SDR technology allows the receiver station to be used for multiple purposes, like reception of UAT 978 or VHF audio or monitoring on GPS frequencies. There are status LEDs visible from outside to inform about the power, connection and reception status. Additionally there is the option for an internal multi-page status display to show detailed network, GPS and reception information.

There is the option to attach an NVMe SSD disk internally for data logging. On the baseboard a temperature/humidity/pressure sensor allows environmental monitoring inside the sealed receiver box. External sensors or a webcam may be attached to spare USB interfaces to additionally use the station for meteorological or environmental monitoring.

Datasheet openAir_outdoor

230VAC powered, dual antenna inputs and status display option

Configuration with PoE, Wifi, diplexer for reception 868/1090 MHz on single antenna

Monitoring of environmental and traffic data

Power options 100-240VAC, 48V PoE, 10-35VDC
Mobile connection 3G/4G/LTE using u-blox LARA-R281
Wifi 2.4/5GHz  802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseTX
Sensitivity on 1090 MHz -95 to 0 dBm